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AIthority: Interview with Cédric Carbone, CTO at Ogury

Ogury CTO Cédric Carbone, joined the company in an Executive Search process conducted by Renovata.

In a wide-ranging interview with AIthority, a leading digital publication servicing AI and other future-facing segments of the tech market, Carbone says that AI is becoming ever more ubiquitous, seamless to use and is opening up entirely new commercial opportunities.

He says that Ogury, for example, “is now building a platform that merges AdTech and MarTech — the world’s first end-to-end, fully integrated data, insights, and activation solution. For me, this is a huge opportunity to create a new market. It’s a revolution for marketing software offering because MarTech products currently work in silos. Publishers, brands, and advertisers need marketing technology that enables organizations to understand the entire mobile user journey.”

And the most important contributor to AI? Carbone says the key component is the quality of data: “AI is best informed with data that is real time, granular and first party. From the moment data is collected, it starts to go stale. It’s only fresh and relevant in real time. For example, 25-33% of all email addresses change each year, along with 18% of phone numbers, and 20% of postal addresses.”

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Source: Aithority

Originally published: January 9, 2019