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Applift and Criteo both in the news, extending their reach

Advertising technology is becoming increasingly complex, and all the major players have extended their offerings in recent years from the core services with which they made their name, to a broader set of tools to meet changing customer and consumer need.

Two Renovata Adtech clients in 24 hours have made announcements in this direction.

VentureBeat reports on Applift’s rebranding of its mobile advertising service platform to “Mobile Journey Advertising”, and says that the move is in recognition of the requirement that mobile ad platforms align with clients’ needs; namely paying for performance measured in true loyalty, spend and engagement. Applift’s Tim Koschella says “We’re pleased and proud to offer our customers an integrated offering to pay only for true results, in an industry that still largely relies on legacy pricing models.”

Netimperative, meanwhile, reports that Criteo has inked its acquisition of Storetail, a French business which augments native advertising on e-commerce sites with creative and monetizable functions, for example dynamic, shoppable buttons like “add X to basket”. The purpose is not to increase inventory, but to make more inventory more relevant to more shoppers throughout the sales funnel and customer flow. Storetail’s CEO, Mathieu Azorin, says “The combination of Criteo and Storetail technologies means better insights and results for brands and retailers to successfully connect with shoppers.”

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Source: Venturebeat

Originally published: October 2nd, 2018

Source: Netimperative

Originally published: October 3rd, 2018