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BI specialist Florian Berger joins MyToys as VP, Analytics

Based in Berlin, Germany, and part of the Otto Group of companies, myToys has appointed Florian Berger to the role of VP, Analytics. The executive search was conducted by Renovata.

Founded in 1999, myToys is Europe’s #1 online retail brand for family shopping, catering to the needs of babies, children and teens; and also supporting a strong sports brand offering. As well as myToys, the business includes the ambellis (women’s fashion) and mirapodo (shoes) brands, together turning over more than €500m in FY2015/16. This makes myToys one of the most successful e-commerce companies in Germany; the online business is now also augmented with 14 stores. With over 1,500 employees, myToys is the third largest employer in Germany’s digital sector.

Reporting to Florian Forstmann, co-founder and MD; Florian Berger will help in the transformation of the myToys group’s approach to data and analytics. He will develop a central view of best-in-class business information, allowing the business to become more data-driven and applying insight to all other functional areas of the business (e.g. marketing, purchasing, IT, product, pricing and logistics).

Dr Florian Berger started his career in analytics as a research associate at the University of Bonn’s computer science department; where he specialised in computational geometry. From there, he moved to the private sector, spending just over five years at leading European travel site, Trivago GmbH, where he headed up the German business intelligence operation and ultimately Trivago’s global BI activities. He successfully grew the analytics team from two to over 40 people.

About myToys

mytoys’ mission is “Simply everything for your child”, but the company has expanded to cater to the entire “family” market. This includes toys (33% of group revenues), but also apparel and shoes (37%) and a selection of other products (29%). Selling primarily through web, mobile and app channels, myToys is the largest family-oriented pure-play e-tailer in Europe, focused predominantly on the DACH region and Russia but also shipping to other countries across Europe.

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