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Business Insider: “Criteo Invests €20M in Paris AI Lab to Define the Advertising Technologies of the Future”

Renovata client, Criteo, is the acknowledged leader in programmatic advertising technologies. Business Insider reports that the Paris, France-based business has announced a three-year, €20M commitment to an AI Lab which will develop the machine learning techniques to create and deploy the AI-driven advertising engagement programmes of the future.

Criteo says that it is looking to make AI models in advertising user-centric and transparent.  Headed by Suju Rajan, Criteo’s VP, Head of Research, the Lab aims not just to develop technologies but also to shape future industry standards and best practice, and lead the industry narrative around the responsible use of data.

CEO JB Rudelle notes that “Criteo possesses very large datasets and computational power, combined with an innovative culture and talents. We believe this is the perfect mix to succeed in Artificial Intelligence,”

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