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Guestline, Duetto announce technology partnership

Travel Daily News reports on a partnership between two travel industry platforms:  the UK’s Guestline, a long-standing Renovata client, and San Francisco’s Duetto.

TDN’s article focuses on the ease with which the two companies have achieved technical integration thanks to the flexibility of an open SaaS infrastructure and the assistance of some mutual marquee clients (for whom the experience has been extremely positive).

More important perhaps is the outcome: Guestline and Duetto are natural partners. Guestline is a hospitality-focused back office management engine giving hotels everything they need to optimise the process of delivery. Duetto, meanwhile, is a front office marketing system yielding optimised incomes through exceptional personalisation.

An establishment working with both businesses is therefore optimised across their operations, and given that they share several clients already, there is ample scope to demonstrate this new value to the market.

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