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IDnow Releases AI-powered Blockchain-Based ID Verification Service

If there’s one segment of the tech industry which is both hyped and in need of identity management, it’s Blockchain and its associated nascent cryptocurrency industry.

Identity is a challenge in the crypto world because real value is at stake in transactions that could ultimately be faster than any stock exchange can offer, serving global audiences, and without regulatory oversight.

Similarly, companies seeking to leverage audience-driven financing (either by the often discredited method of an ICO or by crowdfunding) want to ensure that their funding communities are who they say they are.

Enter Renovata client, IDnow, which Bitcoin Exchange Guide (and many other Blockchain commentators) announces has just launched an end-to-end seamless identity management (or KYC – Know Your Customer) solution.

IDnow’s offering unlocks stress-free and wholly digital ID management for most of the world – some seven billion people – to the demanding standards of regulatory organisations in Europe and the US.

In the words of IDnow CEO, Rupert Spiegelberg, “as a result of the rise in online activities all over the world, digital identities have suddenly become the innovative currency. Consequently, it has become very important for companies to know their clients. In this regard, this needs to be a simple, dependable, and compliant process of identifying the authenticity of the customer.”

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