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Index Ventures launches guide to stock options for European startups

Leading Venture Capital investor, Index Ventures, has launched a much needed guide to the incentivisation of talent in European startups. Remarkably, Index says, “In Europe, startups aren't sufficiently rewarding the risk people take by joining them. On the whole, they’re not offering enough people a meaningful stake in the business. As a result, Europe is currently failing to attract and retain the talent it needs to produce the next global tech giant”.

The new handbook, titled “Rewarding Talent”, is an invaluable guide for European entrepreneurs, tackling the essential questions on incentivisation:

  • Who should get stock options and on what basis?
  • How incentivisation can and should change as a business grows
  • And – just as importantly – how entrepreneurs can ensure that employees understand incentive schemes and appreciate the value on offer.


Get the Handbook here: