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Oden Technologies lands John Turek for CTO role

Oden Technologies, the global manufacturing data and analytics SaaS provider headquartered in New York City, has appointed John Turek to the role of CTO, following a successful executive search led by Renovata.

Oden combines industrial hardware, wireless connectivity, and big data architecture into one simple solution, enabling manufacturers to analyze and optimize production processes in real-time from any device. Oden IoT devices plug into almost any kind of machine to collect and transmit data with minimal setup time. The business has ambitious goals: combining the power of IIoT and cloud analytics to drive efficiency, competitiveness and profits for manufacturers, as well as eliminating waste and improving the sustainability of manufacturing. The business has so far raised almost $6M in seed funding in a May 2017 round led by Stockholm’s EQT Ventures with participation from Inbox Capital and LocalGlobe.

John, a graduate of MIT, is now in his third decade as a senior leader in forward-thinking technology businesses. In his wide-ranging career at IBM, he served in Director roles for “green field opportunities” like Next Generation Web, the China Emerging Technology Institute, and Industry Solutions in growth geographies. Moving to Google, he was Director, Engineering Productivity for two years, after serving as Director, Storage from 2011 to 2015. Most recently, John joined the iconic e-commerce start up,, prior to launch. As head of development and engineering, he grew the engineering team from 37 to over 250, while the business grew from scratch to over $1 billion in annualized revenue in under a year – and of course a renowned acquisition for $3.3B by Walmart.

Reporting directly to co-Founder and CEO, Willem Sundblad, John will bring exceptional experience in building world class teams. He will lead all technology and engineering efforts at Oden focusing especially on scale, security and Machine Learning.

About Oden Technologies

Founded in 2014 by Willem Sundblad and Peter Brand, Oden Technologies is a manufacturing analytics company that combines wireless industrial IoT and proprietary cloud-based analytics into one simple platform for manufacturers to optimize production in real time, from any device. The Oden data acquisition and analytics platform enables factories to digitize production and eliminate waste. The next frontier of competitive advantage in manufacturing is digital and Oden helps manufacturers collect and make sense of data so they can make better products faster.

Oden is committed to hiring people who make things to transform the world, things to enable the manufacturing industry to make things better – to make more, to waste less, to serve their customers, and to thrive in a competitive world.

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