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Omnicare appoints Sandra Rauch as CDO, search by Renovata

Omnicare is the leading innovator in oncological care to the German pharmaceuticals market. Following a successful search by Renovata, the business has appointed Sandra Rauch as Chief Digital Officer.

Founded in 2012 by Oliver Tamimi, a pharmacist specialising in oncology, Omnicare has experienced exceptional growth, already achieving €640M in turnover by 2016. Originally a drug wholesaler, the focus of the business is now primarily personalised medicine: oncology is a particularly fertile sector for individualised therapies, and Omnicare has succeeded by finding efficiencies across the healthcare value chain, from drug companies through to wholesalers, pharmacies and surgeries, as the supply chain adjusts to meet the needs of personalised healthcare. In addition, Omnicare develops software for medical practices and pharmacies to communicate and increase effectiveness.

Sandra has spent 20 years in technology and consulting leadership across different industries including telecommunications, IT, insurance and banking. Starting her career as an IT consultant in Hewlett Packard’s Consulting and System Integration division, HP Services, she became an IT Project Manager and business analyst, applying technical insight to real-world business challenges. In 2011, she moved to Allianz, the insurance and services giant, where she first worked for their headquarters, Allianz SE, and then moved to the global Consulting unit focussing on IT and transformation consulting. Initially serving as Principal Consultant delivering digitalisation and technology projects to operating entities of the Allianz Group across the world, her credentials for using  IT and consulting for good were burnished with a two-year stint as Head of Social Engagement / CSR. Sandra has spent the last four years as IT Executive and Senior Engagement Manager, building up solutions and capabilities to support Allianz`s digital strategy.

Reporting directly to the Board, Sandra is tasked with developing the digital potential across the supply and value chains in Omnicare’s highly regulated environment. Acting as an in-house innovator, she and her teams will build up technology-based solutions to bring the complex business models and processes on which Omnicare is built to the next level.

About Omnicare

Omnicare is Germany’s comprehensive national network of pharmacies involved in oncological care. Omnicare, a joint venture of cytostatics-producing pharmacies is dedicated to maintaining and guaranteeing the future of ambulatory care in oncology in Germany. The business is founded on the belief that care is best provided locally, in communities and on an outpatient basis, with pharmacies as the natural centre of treatment.

Omnicare consists of a pharmaceutical company and wholesaler specializing in oncology medications. In addition, the company develops and distributes digital solutions and provides hands-on training for medical practices and pharmacies.  As the owner of Dr. Römer Kliniken GmbH, Omnicare is committed to building a nationwide quality network of oncologists to continually improve patient care.

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