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Renovata welcomes George Mazzella to New York office

Renovata is delighted to announce the appointment of George Mazzella as a Consultant in the New York office.

Despite being co-opted at university by the FBI, law enforcement’s loss was to be recruitment’s gain. Deciding that he didn’t “want to sit in a van all day”, George joined Michael Page as an intern and promptly made multiple sales. A job offer soon followed; his world-class recruitment heritage since then also includes Heidrick & Struggles and Marlin Hawk.

George has rapidly built a reputation as one of the industry’s best network-builders. “We’re placing the change-makers into organisations we work with”, he says. “We bring people into companies who will drastically impact the future of those organisations – the people we put in these roles can genuinely change the valuation of a firm. Whether it’s bringing in the next CTO to retool the organisation’s capabilities, or a CFO to take it public, our job is to play chess with the best talent in the world. So recruiting at this level is hugely demanding and fulfilling”.

And that game of chess is changing. “The exciting thing in Renovata’s market is that all these high-growth companies reach a point where they must mature”, George says. “They must bring in managers who can inspire armies: they need more than just a strong engineer, they now need a technology leader.

“In the past, there was a steady flow of talent whereby banks and manufacturers sought to attract great people from technology organisations, to bring in technology knowhow. But I sense that now the flow is in the other direction: high-growth technology businesses are scouting traditional banking, automotive and manufacturing companies; because that’s where you find the talent to lead large people organisations and handle new challenges like tightened regulatory environments. It’s a different talent market than five years ago, and Renovata has always had its eye on these trends. The product offering, the level of talent in-house and the track record that we bring; these all mean a different class of market insight for our customers.”

Mannie Gill, Partner at Renovata, adds, “I am delighted to welcome George to Renovata. He has an instinctive understanding of the way the business world is changing; from the mature and PE-backed businesses seeking to deploy more nimble technology environments, through to the most exciting emerging segments like AI and Blockchain”.