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Renovata welcomes Yuting Goh to London office

Renovata is delighted to announce the appointment of Yuting Goh as Senior Associate in the London office.

Yuting is a Singapore native with a truly global outlook: she has already worked in the major technology hubs on three continents. But her path to recruitment has not been a straight line. Committed to “a career helping people”, she took a degree in psychology at the National University of Singapore and then taught young adults for five years. She moved to the US to complete a Masters in Sociology and Education at New York’s Columbia University.

But she had barely finished her Masters when she decided that her future was not in education. During her Masters, she had been a volunteer counselor and advocate at the New York Asian Women’s Center – and she took a permanent role there for two years while deciding what to do next. “While I was in New York, which I loved, I discovered whole industries I’d never heard of”, she says. “Consulting, HR and Executive Search were completely new to me. And they were exciting because they demand pure problem-solving at high speed and they reward the relationships and networks we create”. A chance connection secured a role with an executive recruitment firm in San Francisco, and Yuting’s Search career began. Joining as a Researcher and Project Co-ordinator, she was rapidly promoted. In this role, she also met the English man, seconded to the US, who would become her husband; and so Renovata gets the benefit of her choice to move to the UK.

”My previous role began with a focus on retail, but as I was in Silicon Valley, it soon morphed into digital technologies and professional services”, she says. “Tech has a special place for me: today it influences every sector, so it’s a fertile space for innovation and I’m excited to run searches for the most interesting C-Suite talent. London is the perfect place for consulting to tech companies and with Renovata I still have the US connection and a pan-European footprint. I’m a global person and I want to travel more; Renovata gives me the European market, plus world-class market intelligence at my fingertips.”