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Taking Startups to the Next Level: TransUnion Partners with University of Chicago’s Polsky Center

Fintech is a blossoming sector for digital entrepreneurship right now, and key opportunities include:

  • Digitising consumer finance experiences (e.g. the wave of new mobile-first banks)
  • Serving the underserved and unbanked (e.g. micro-credit)
  • And making better decisions to offer more financial services products to more people

The latter category is powered in particular by an exponential improvement in data and analysis systems offered by credit checking agencies. When financial services providers can have more certainty over marginal cases – and some of these margins represent 20%+ of a market – the business opportunity can be large enough to support completely new brands and segments.

A consistent leader in the space is Renovata client, TransUnion; a data-rich innovator in credit.

MarketWatch reports on TransUnion’s latest partnership with the University of Chicago. The partnership will give UoC students with ideas for the fintech space access to TransUnion’s Startup Credit Kit; a set of tools built around alternative (multi-source, multi-layered) and trended credit and fraud prevention data, all of which would support new decision-making models for innovative financial services products.

Other academic and non-profit institutions are also invited to approach TransUnion for access to the same datasets.Read the full article here: