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TECSYS acquires OrderDynamics

Congratulations to Renovata client, OrderDynamics, which has concluded a successful $13M sale to TECSYS, as reported by Modern Materials Handling (MMH).

One of 2018’s hot sectors has been back-office efficiency – and supply chain is no exception. Logistics, shipping, distribution and stock management have all been disruption targets this year.

OrderDynamics is an out-of-the-box e-commerce solution which solves the classic challenge of omnichannel  delivery for retailers with an existing or legacy bricks-and-mortar retail estate: how to sync multiple channels to ensure that you’re never out of stock or disappoint customers with increasingly high expectations. OrderDynamics supports everything from “click & collect” to “ship from local store” to make e-commerce as turnkey as possible.

OrderDynamics will join TECSYS’ existing best-of-breed supply chain optimisation suite – MMH says “The combination gives 3PL companies and retailers, including brand managers, new pathways to succeed in today’s competitive environment.” Third party analysts and investors also remain bullish on TECSYS’ future and opportunities for growth by acquisition.

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